Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to the first pics of inside Sweet Peaks.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

View from the back room (now). Initially there was a wall (which you will see in pics below) where I'm standing to take this pic. As you can see through the photos there was a lot of old barn wood which Marissa and I love, it was just a little much floor to ceiling. It reminded us of a great dinner out at one of the best restaurant/bars

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ahhhhh Whitefish.

I wanted to go ahead and post some photos of Whitefish for those of you do not live here. It truly is one of the most beautiful mountains in America. As you can see in some of the photos, the city goes to great lengths to keep our small town welcoming to all you travelers. A couple days ago as the sun came out for a blue bird day, I grabbed my little point and shoot, got in my car, rolled the window down. I basically took photos of the places that I think make Whitefish, Whitefish. However, I know that I left a good majority of some wonderful places out as well, after half the city honking at me as if i did not know how to drive and the 5 degree temp, I had to retreat to back inside. Enjoy a small window into a brisk sunny January day in Whitefish.


Yes. This is truly what our town looks like in the winter. Right out of a children's book. Please come stroll around on our streets and see what Whitefish has to offer.

What would a town be without its post office? Cut off from the world, no communications, the town would be a colony in the middle of nowhere. Well maybe a hundred years ago, but I have to give thanks to this one. My pops runs it, and with out him...Sweet Peaks would not exist. So next time your in, say hello to Ken. He is always around doing I'm not really sure what.

Quite possibly the best egg benny's in the Flathead County. Who know's of some better?

If i were to choose one bar in town. This is where I would go.

Great Burgers and fries. Don't forget to go to the bathroom while your here.

Come dance with some locals.

I have been to so many sushi bars you would think I have a problem. Washington, California and everywhere from here to there. If you love sushi. Wasabi sushi bar will easily make your top three. Easily.

All of us in downtown Whitefish give thanks to the Big. If it was not for this beautiful little gem of a ski resort our town would not be the wonderful destination that it is. Big Mountain for anyone prior to circa 2007 and currently called Whitefish Mountain Resort. Either way, Thank you Big.

The Whitefish Train Depot. A popular stop for Amtrak, this train depot happily is the starting or ending point for over 70,000 happy train riders a year. If find yourself looking for a quite vaca and have a good book. All aboard!

Great Northern Brewing Company aka Black Star Brewery. Home of some of the best beers in the Northwest. And happened to be where Marissa and I were at the stoke of midnight on new years 2010. Sweet Peaks plans to work with GNBC to have a beer flavored ice cream in the near future. Keep ya posted...

Our new Neighbors

Glacier Cyclery has been renting, selling and repairing bikes in WF for over 27 years! And it just so happens that they are moving in right next door. I envision many o folks renting bikes and after a long sunny summer afternoon of ridding, i see these folks skipping on over for some ice cream. Who knows, maybe we can do a energy ice cream and they can come in beforehand.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking past our shop.

We are visioning some little tables on the side walk, a bit of a paint job on the exterior and a nice sign that screams, Come on in and have some fun!

This is it. Future Home of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Just wanted to get out a couple photos of our location. 419 1/2 Whitefish Montana. Future home of Sweet Peaks! Note our wonderful neighbors. Tailwaggers. Come on in for ice cream while having your doggy washed next door! They also have a very nice selection of pet supplies and the best doggy biscuits in the northwest.

From across the street.

Up Close

Maybe what it will look like (below).... thoughts? I'm not really sure what the American Flag is all about...It was here when we got here its put up everyday in front of our shop...thoughts? keep it? There is a canadian one on Tailwaggers...I think that neighbors are implying that both Americans and Canadians are welcome. As for Sweet Peaks, of course all you yankees are welcome. As for you fellas from up north... you get extra ice cream from me. Thanks for such a beautiful country to border with!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Once upon a time...

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sweet Peaks Ice Cream blog. First of all, let us introduce ourselves if you don't already now us. Sweet Peaks is the brain child of two completely different kind of people who just happen to be equally amazing in their own little ways. Oh, and they happen to be engaged at the current moment in time. Hooray! But lets rewind a bit to the development of Sweet Peaks. First, the lovely Marissa Keenan. A wonderful lady I must say, who at the turn of her 20th birthday developed a new found and undying love for ice cream. She started daydreaming of starting an ice cream sandwich business. One where the ice cream was homemade and natural. One where the cookies where unique in flavor with creamy ice cream pressed between them. So what happened you ask? Life happened. Marissa finished college, got an awesome artsy job rubbing elbows with the gift industry elite. Did some traveling, forgot about the ice cream business and went out one evening for a local downtown art walk and met a dashing young man. Yup, you guessed it. Sam. Sam always liked a good ice cream, we all do right? Never thought I would be starting an ice cream business, but I will say, I ALWAYS have cookies around. It's more of a wake up in the middle of the night addiction. Fact of the matter is, I always have a stash in the back of the cupboard, hidden from Aria (my daughter (5 yrs), who I'm sure you'll be seeing around the blog posts in the future). Aside from the cookies... I am... shall I say a handy man. Handy man Sam. Not in the sense that I'm mister fix it. I'm a decent builder and will fix it, or attempt to, but I mean in the sense that I love working with my hands. I can't do the 9-5 for the man, I tried, I really did, for 5 years in the mortgage business. Some people are just made of different flavors I guess. I love to paint and you'll often find me creating new forms of art. I do a good job at selling my art so far and one day hope to have a gallery, maybe. The future is limitless and right now ice cream is on the menu. I'll do anything if it suites my fancy. I make my mom a table runner every year for Christmas. You get the point. Currently I'm having a blast using my creativeness to build Sweet Peaks Ice Cream Shop. After Marissa and Sam met that night strolling around the art walk, they fell in love, bought a house, then freaked out about settling down. So like any ordinary person they shot for the moon and landed in the small mountain town of Whitefish Montana. Taking Marissa's earlier idea and years of making the best damn ice cream out of her home ice cream maker, some financial investment from ma and pa (thank you!), and a lot of belief in ourselves, we found a location. 419 1/2 3rd St. E. Whitefish MT, (hence the current blog header). Marissa... she is the brain, she's organized, she's business, she's a people person, this idea is her baby that I am somewhat adopting with her. Sam...I am the creative direction, marketing, promoting, giving free samples of delicious ice cream to the kiddos etc... We could not do this with out each other. So, without further ado I present, Sweet Peaks Ice Cream. This blog is for all you who aspire to do what you want.