Saturday, January 9, 2010

ahhhhh Whitefish.

I wanted to go ahead and post some photos of Whitefish for those of you do not live here. It truly is one of the most beautiful mountains in America. As you can see in some of the photos, the city goes to great lengths to keep our small town welcoming to all you travelers. A couple days ago as the sun came out for a blue bird day, I grabbed my little point and shoot, got in my car, rolled the window down. I basically took photos of the places that I think make Whitefish, Whitefish. However, I know that I left a good majority of some wonderful places out as well, after half the city honking at me as if i did not know how to drive and the 5 degree temp, I had to retreat to back inside. Enjoy a small window into a brisk sunny January day in Whitefish.


Yes. This is truly what our town looks like in the winter. Right out of a children's book. Please come stroll around on our streets and see what Whitefish has to offer.

What would a town be without its post office? Cut off from the world, no communications, the town would be a colony in the middle of nowhere. Well maybe a hundred years ago, but I have to give thanks to this one. My pops runs it, and with out him...Sweet Peaks would not exist. So next time your in, say hello to Ken. He is always around doing I'm not really sure what.

Quite possibly the best egg benny's in the Flathead County. Who know's of some better?

If i were to choose one bar in town. This is where I would go.

Great Burgers and fries. Don't forget to go to the bathroom while your here.

Come dance with some locals.

I have been to so many sushi bars you would think I have a problem. Washington, California and everywhere from here to there. If you love sushi. Wasabi sushi bar will easily make your top three. Easily.

All of us in downtown Whitefish give thanks to the Big. If it was not for this beautiful little gem of a ski resort our town would not be the wonderful destination that it is. Big Mountain for anyone prior to circa 2007 and currently called Whitefish Mountain Resort. Either way, Thank you Big.

The Whitefish Train Depot. A popular stop for Amtrak, this train depot happily is the starting or ending point for over 70,000 happy train riders a year. If find yourself looking for a quite vaca and have a good book. All aboard!

Great Northern Brewing Company aka Black Star Brewery. Home of some of the best beers in the Northwest. And happened to be where Marissa and I were at the stoke of midnight on new years 2010. Sweet Peaks plans to work with GNBC to have a beer flavored ice cream in the near future. Keep ya posted...

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