Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is it. Future Home of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Just wanted to get out a couple photos of our location. 419 1/2 Whitefish Montana. Future home of Sweet Peaks! Note our wonderful neighbors. Tailwaggers. Come on in for ice cream while having your doggy washed next door! They also have a very nice selection of pet supplies and the best doggy biscuits in the northwest.

From across the street.

Up Close

Maybe what it will look like (below).... thoughts? I'm not really sure what the American Flag is all about...It was here when we got here its put up everyday in front of our shop...thoughts? keep it? There is a canadian one on Tailwaggers...I think that neighbors are implying that both Americans and Canadians are welcome. As for Sweet Peaks, of course all you yankees are welcome. As for you fellas from up north... you get extra ice cream from me. Thanks for such a beautiful country to border with!

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