Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In a moment you realize you have not posted in awhile.

Hello everyone.
I realized today that everything has been going smooth and the progress of the build out has been great. Everything is almost ready. Marissa and I are headed to Mexico and I thought that I should post an update before we head out. The Whitefish Winter Carnival was last weekend and I built an awesome replica of a GNP Jammer. We all, being myself, Marissa, Aria, my brother Nick, and our great friends Betsy, CJ and their twin kids Elenor and Brody all dressed up as animals and waved to the thousand kiddos, their parents and the like during the parade. This is was our first promo and I think it went especially well. I have a couple pics of the Jammer, and some more to come from my mom who took a couple of good pics as well. Thanks for all the cheers from the crowd people! It was definitely a success! The shop is coming along nicely. Marissa and I were out in Seattle a couple weeks ago and picked up some nice furnishings for the shop. The ice cream dipping Cabinet is in, and the espresso machine is nearly hooked up! Wahoo. The Ice Cream machine will be here on Tuesday the 23rd. We are both so, SO excited about that. Enjoy the pics and thanks again for following the blog! Be sure to be checking in as we progress to our grand opening as invites to the private opening party will only be offered via the blog. Talk to you all when we get back!

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