Monday, March 1, 2010

Beautiful Fluffy Creamy Ice Cream. Finally!

It is heavenly. Homemade ice cream is one of life's simple and delicious pleasures. The moment the fresh frozen ice cream came out of our new ice cream machine it was love at first sight and then taste. I am over the moon for Sweet Peaks Ice Cream and I know you will be too.

But whoa! I have some clean-up and some up-dates to handle first.

First things first. Hello. I am Marissa and I love ice cream. This love is where it all began. That and one specific meal that convinced me something must be done in the Flathead Valley and in my life and it has to involve ice cream.

Three years ago, I was eating dinner with friends and family. I don't remember the actual meal but I do remember the food was homey and delicious and the wine was flowing. We finished our meal with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and homemade orange oatmeal cookies. The caramel addict in me added some caramel sauce to the mix. The combination of these three heavenly entities was nothing short of inspiring. In a moment of melding flavors in our happy mouths the idea of combining these items formally came to be. The mode of delivery would be an ice cream sandwich. The velvety smoothness of vanilla ice cream- the spice of orange and the hearty texture of oatmeal finished with caramel. Even without chocolate - this would be the perfect desert. How could anyone resist the nostalgia of an ice cream sandwich in a range of delicious flavors? It was destined for success. All I need to begin was some serious ice cream education. The first ice cream machine was purchased along with a range of books on the craft of ice cream and it has been a fun and delicious road. After many a batch - we still love ice cream. I love it even more than before. I love it so much that Sam and I think everyone else should love it too and they should really love our ice cream. It’s now good enough for us (and we are some picky people when it comes to the I.C. and I believe for all of you. Out went the home Cuisinart ice cream maker and in came the commercial machine a heap of creativity and some hard work. Now we are bringing homemade ice cream and ice cream sandwiches to Whitefish and beyond.

This was our begining and since then much has happened. We started the work and stopped the work and went to Mexico and talked about ice cream and business while on the beach, riding scooters, eating tacos and swimming. Now we are back from a relaxing an fun vacation and I am once again excited and in love with our little Sweet Peaks.

Our home at 419 ½ Third Street is too perfect. I even like that added little ½ in the address. It reminds me of Harry Potter and the train station platform. (Sorry for those non-Potter fans.) It seems almost fictional and just a little magical. I feel pretty magical about the place lately. We have been working behind papered windows for months now and this past Sunday we decided to take down that paper and let the light shine in. The evening lookers were already curiously peering in our windows. I know we will have more than a few looky-loos this week.

Till next time - the paint is drying and we are tasting and tasting as we work on our menu. It will be delicious!

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