Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Decorate and Design

New isn't always better and after making quite a few Ikea, Home Depot and the local Hardware store purchases we were able to use our purchasing power in the recycled realm. We stopped by one of our local antique/consignment/everything stores (Redneck Chic!) and purchased 12 fantastic chairs in a variety of styles and with a variety of seat covers. They were pretty darn hideous and some of the seat covers were layered over quite a few times. Armed with a can of spray paint or maybe 10 cans of spray paint and a paint brush, Sam spent his day turning our yard of melting snow and mud into a flurry of black paint. The local fabric store provided some bold print fabrics of the black/white and red/white variety for one more layer on the seat covers. We now have some hip chairs for our front room. They are sure to look great with our recycled wood table-tops and our nifty and inexpensive Ikea table bases. You really have to love that place even if you have to make a special trip during a Seattle rendezvous and battle the crowds and the 4 miles of walking with a cart. I do love it. I really do.

Yet... we make some pretty nifty chairs when given the tools. Even Ikea can't do what we have done this evening.

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