Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh how exciting.

Ok.... Much to talk about. Updates, updates, updates. First off Marissa and I have been super (understatement) busy over the past couple months. I know it may not look like it because we're not posting lately, but rest assured we have been taste testing and refining our recipes for what seems to be eternity. Needless to say, a few pounds later around the mid section and some very tasty ice cream we are ready for our starting 12 flavors! During the homemade creations developing in one of the cleanest kitchens in Whitefish, Marissa and I have found the time to put the finishing touches on the store. My day to days have typically gone like this. Drop our child off at daycare, go to both the restaurant supply stores in Kalispell, Home Depot, Costco, Head up to the store. Call FSA, Meadow Gold Dairy, Health Department, Fire Department, Building and Zoning Department, Black Star Brewery (we are carrying their root beer for some pretty world famous floats), Call Marissa about ten times to ask for business direction and help, Work on finishing the build out of the store, Talk to the growing number of people who stop by excited and curious to when we might actually turn on the open sign, Finish up my list at the shop, head home and paint for hours so we have some really awesome art work to hang on the walls, pick Aria up at daycare, wait for Marissa to come home from work, (and for those of you who do not know, Marissa is holding down a 8-5 during all of this to make sure our family has food and a roof on our heads, needles to say she is amazing), Marissa comes home, we hug, throw some dinner fixin's in the car, throw our kid in the car, more often than not a bottle of wine goes in the car, and head back to the shop for ice cream flavor refining. Whew... oh yeah, then we do it all over again the next day. The part that cracks us up, is that we are just getting started. Good thing we are young and full of spunk. This has been our life for the past months, Sweet Peaks is now a "part of the family." That's all the update I have for you at the moment. I am going to try and upload some current pics of the shop, because it is ready to go. Oh yeah, forgot to mention we are having a quiet opening MONDAY!!! What does quiet opening mean you ask? It means we feel we are ready to go so we are turning on the open sign to see what trickles in. Then boom, grand opening, free ice cream, mobile service, cult ice cream followers, summer, greatness. Dreams will be born. Until next time. Sammy Scoops says "have a great day."

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  1. Congratulations on creation of Sweet Peaks!
    Daughter LEM alerted me to this fun site.
    Love and cheers,