Monday, September 6, 2010

happy labor day!

It happens just like that. Summer comes and then it is gone. I don’t even like saying that out loud but the air is chilly. Once that happens, it doesn’t go back. This summer was a little like a matchbox car that you pull backwards to wind up and then let go for it to shoot forward gain speed, zoom around perilously out of control and then just as quickly wind down until it stops altogether. It is that stopping part that gets me every time. The whirring noise is still in my ears; the cramp still in my fingers from dragging the car as it winds-up but it has stopped. Just like that summer is over. Sweet Peaks was that little matchbox car. We pulled it back in anticipation of what would happen and then before we knew it we had let go. July and August were almost out of control. The ice cream machine whirred and spun and churned out flavor after flavor. Sam and I passed each other in wee hours of the morning. I would come home just before the sunrise and Sam would be whistling his way to work with the sunrise. We were slaves to the Taylor Batch Freezer pumping it full of ice cream base and extracting fluffy ice cream and catching it in pan after pan. The scooping, the sprinkling and the waffle cone making consumed us and everyone in Whitefish consumed our sugary goodness. It was exhausting but it was also so wonderful. Who knew that ice cream could be happiness? It isn’t all fun of course. There are moments when I think working with your romantic partner isn’t so romantic. When we are both tired and there is ice cream to be made and employees to train and sidewalks to sweep it isn’t easy caring about how your partner feels. This summer there are tears over flavors and tears over buying more refrigerators and who got to go home and get some sleep. But, there was also incredible satisfaction. My heart swells when I walk through the store and a small ice cream eater looks at their parents with wide eyes and say, “this is the best ice cream in the world”. Scooping into perfectly chilled pans of ice cream and handing someone a waffle cone that they taste with a blissful smile makes me happy. This makes the late nights in front of the Taylor machine or over a hot pot of melting chocolate completely worth it. Somewhere amidst the hysteria Sam and I managed to plan a wedding and get married in the presence of a lot of really amazing people. Our honeymoon was getting back to Sweet Peaks without the distractions of a wedding. I like to think that this is one incredible honeymoon. I may dream of sitting with Sam in the south of France sipping on wine or lounging on the beach in Bali for our honeymoon but then I remember this is what we always wanted and what we have worked so hard for: Sweet Peaks. France or Bali or wherever we plan to go can wait just a little but longer. This is where we are now and the view is just fine. Summer 2010 treated us well and taught us some hard lessons but most of all it showed us what we have to look forward to: Summer 2011.

But first things first, fall in the Flathead Valley will be grand, as we will still be serving delicious ice cream and wonderful coffee and teas. The late summer harvest is delivering beautiful Dixon Melons and homegrown mint from Creston right to our doorstep. The fall holidays will include pumpkin ice cream pies and spiced Chai. Winter will bring pints to take home, ice cream sandwiches in all flavors and hot coffees topped with scoops of melting flavorful ice cream. Summer was amazing but fall and winter will be just as wonderful too! I can’t wait for you to come and see us all fall and winter long.


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