Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Hello Winter! Welcome to Whitefish, Montana! You have arrived in quite the abrupt fashion and there are a whole lot of people who are pretty excited to have you around.

The mountain opened last weekend and we saw quite a few sunburned cheeks. Yes! It was sunny up on that hill. We are keeping the shop open with sweet delights for your post-skiing caloric needs. The conversations this week in the shop have revolved around the jell-o feeling in the legs of our skiing customers after their first big powder weekend. Keep hitting the hill and then come visit us at the shop. We have these really cute decorations hanging in the windows (Martha Stewart would be proud) and the bright red lights on the building can't be ignored. (Nice work Sam!)

It is finally and officially that time of year. The red and white and green sparkly time of year.

The most requested flavor all summer long was...Candy Cane Mint.

We put off going red and minty until the snow started flying and now we have added it to the flavor line-up. Delicious peppermint ice cream with crushed candy canes in a red swirl. This should be enough of a reason to stop in and grab a cone, cup or pint. But - in case you are still hesitating - we also have Egg Nog Ice Cream. Rich, creamy and delicious! Of course, for the chocolate lovers among you - Chocolate Orange ice cream debuted at the Chef's Classic Fundraiser and is also available in the shop. The next holiday flavor to show up will be some delicious Gingerbread. Sam has a few flavor ideas up his sleeve for January. They will - as you could have predicted - involve bold colors and flavors. (A certain Whitefish High School French class should be warned.)

We hope to see you this weekend for the Christmas Stroll (Dec. 10th) downtown Whitefish. and When you are done strolling or getting your pooch's picture with Santa at Tailwaggers right next door - we will have plenty of holiday flavors and some delicious hot cocoa to warm your fingers.

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