Sunday, October 9, 2011


I love hearing about your cravings. They are beautiful things. I really believe this. To want, to desire, to need to taste something that you had once or twice or a million times and just need it again: I like that idea of something being so memorable. Cravings shouldn't be bad things. We should all revel in our cravings. Cravings are memories that haunt your tongue and belly. Cravings: they are at the root of my food love. They keep me searching for the perfect taste and smell.
Cravings can be completely unobtainable. Pureed Mango I make at home doesn't taste like the puree I have had in the sweltering heat of India. I crave that Mango from India but I also crave the memory of eating that Mango in that sticky sweaty heat with my best friend. I still love that craving and that memory even when it can't quite be satisfied. Your ice cream cravings remind me of those unobtainable cravings and those cravings just out of reach. Customers constantly tell me that I need to bring back a said delicious ice cream flavor because they can't stop thinking about it.  It is always something that we aren't featuring at the moment and then when we switch those flavors - someone comes in and says - NOOOOO bring it back... I am craving Salty Caramel, Raspberry 5 Spice, Candy Cane, Pumpkin... anything. I love this. I love your cravings! Enjoy that want and the wait because your favs will be back and you will love them and they will be just like you remembered...maybe even better. These cravings are obtainable at Sweet Peaks - you might  just have to wait a little longer.
I also love reading Facebook posts from our out-of-town customers who have returned to their homes or winter retreats and CRAVE Sweet Peaks. Do we ship? Not yet - but maybe we will ship sometime in the future. For now - keep telling me about your cravings for Sweet Peaks or anything else for that matter. I will tell you about mine, too. (Right now it is Apple Cider with Caramel and just a dollop of cream! And carrot soup and tomato soup and the perfect Gruyere grilled cheese and...)  Oh, and Salty Caramel. I will get right on that. I know you have been telling me LOUD and CLEAR that you might not make it through the winter without a cone, pint or quart. I hear you. I am in the kitchen whipping it up. I promise!