Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Builder

The interior set-up of our Kalispell shop is underway. The absolutely beautiful walk-in freezer is installed. It is so big and lovely and I could house a whole family of penguins in there and still have room for ice cream. (I know that no one else - besides Sam - is going to think a walk-in is beautiful but to us... it means so many wonderful frozen things!) The kitchen is Sam's current project and then he will move onto the front counter space. We are going to have two dipping cabinets. Did you hear that 2, two, TWO! That means more flavors and it also means Whitefish is going to get a flavor booster, too.  I am ready to start hanging my vintage milk bottles and organize my spice collection but we have to finish that kitchen. First things first!

Yesterday, I showed up after Sam had been working all day. There was a swirl of dust in the air and the sun was shining in the windows. Every bit of sun we can get in Montana in the winter is magical. I took this picture:

I have a poster of Gustave Caillebotte's "Les Raboteurs de Parquet and this moment made me think of that painting. My camera didn't do the scene justice but it does show that we are working on that little Kalispell shop. When it is done you are going to love it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

We need you...in Kalispell! (and Whitefish and Bigfork)

Scoopers wanted in Kalispell! We are opening a Kalispell location very soon and we are looking for hardworking, energetic Sweet Peaks Ice Cream lovers to join our team. Think you have what it takes to work in fast paced, super fun world of ice cream? Send your resume along with a statement of your availability to : sammyscoops@gmail.com and tell anyone you know who would love to be on our team. If you happen to be in Whitefish - stop in at our store and chat with us. We are also hiring for Whitefish and our Seasonal shop in Bigfork.
We have applications in Whitefish, outside the door at our future Kalispell shop (343 Main Street) and at the front door of the Bigfork shop located on the West end of the Bigfork Inn.
We will hold interviews soon. Most positions will not be starting until April and some will start in June.
 Sweet Peaks Scoopers for Hire! 

• Welcome and thank every customer
• Offer customers samples and menu sug
• Scoop scoops, make sundaes and mix shakes with love
• Follow health, safety and sanitation guidelines
• Keep counter, seating, bathroom and kitchen areas clean
• Wash ice cream pans and dishes throughout your shift
• Run register; Math skills required

• Like kids of all ages!
• Have great communication skills and a professional, friendly attitude
• Must be willing to learn all about ice cream, sorbet, yogurt and what makes great customer service
• Attention to detail, professionalism, cleanliness and ability to follow instructions very important.
Scooper Pay
• $7.65/hour starting wage + tips with incremental, merit based raises
• As much ice cream as you can eat!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Helado en España. (Ice Cream in Spain)

This last November we packed our bags and headed to Spain. We needed some ice cream inspiration and a bit of vacation, too. Maybe you are wondering why we didn't head to Italy for a course on gelato? Well, ice cream inspiration can come from anywhere and Spain is no exception. This is the land of Ferran Adria after all.  We rented a small red car and zipped through rainstorms and between acres and acres of olive trees. It was a grand tour involving cute hotels, cheap Spanish wine and a lots of this:

 Chocolate orange ice cream for Sam and watermelon and lemon for Aria in Granada.

 How could we resist? There is something wonderful about picking from a large selection of chocolates or pastries and putting them in a pretty box. Ok...they only made it around the corner before they were gobbled down.

Sorbet with jasmine and grapefruit. If the smell of a fresh bunch of flowers turned into sorbet then it would taste just like this. It reminded me of my grandma. She would have loved this. 
We ate Ice cream and gelato and frozen fruit hollowed out and filled with fruity sorbet. We ate a lot of food because that is what you do on vacation and we always have the perfect excuse: research and development. Not all the flavors were amazing. I can't say that Malaga Wine was my triple scoop. It was raisin studded and sherry tasting: a variation on rum raisin.  We did really enjoy Mango con Queso which was a richer version of Mango cheesecake. The ultimate scoop of the trip was a sweet cream with cinnamon crunchy honey bits. If Hokey Pokey had a cousin it would be this ice cream. The toasted cinnamon was like a caramelized cinnamon roll with something almost nutty about it. We will have to work on something like this for the shop. It was divine. 
 Aria with the most amazing hot cocoa at Escriba, Barcelona.

One spot that turned into a divine food experience was Escriba Patisserie on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. This little creation of the famous pastry chef Escriba is the darling of many a celebrity and you can tell it must be in many foodie Spain tour books. It lives up to the hype. I would rather have ice cream over pastry any day but the croissants at Escriba were amazing! Their slogan is "No solo hacemos pasteles, creamos ilusiones." (translation: We don't only make cakes, we create illusions. ) It is completely true. Food that can transform your state of mind is more than food. Their hot chocolate is just that: magical. It consists of melted chocolate in a small espresso cup with a spoon. Too rich for you? How about a frothing mug of fresh whip cream on the side. Add a sugar packet, should you need to up the sweetness of the rich cocoa, and a sinful dark chocolate bar and you have the true breakfast of champions... or lunch, dinner, midnight snack...