Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Builder

The interior set-up of our Kalispell shop is underway. The absolutely beautiful walk-in freezer is installed. It is so big and lovely and I could house a whole family of penguins in there and still have room for ice cream. (I know that no one else - besides Sam - is going to think a walk-in is beautiful but to us... it means so many wonderful frozen things!) The kitchen is Sam's current project and then he will move onto the front counter space. We are going to have two dipping cabinets. Did you hear that 2, two, TWO! That means more flavors and it also means Whitefish is going to get a flavor booster, too.  I am ready to start hanging my vintage milk bottles and organize my spice collection but we have to finish that kitchen. First things first!

Yesterday, I showed up after Sam had been working all day. There was a swirl of dust in the air and the sun was shining in the windows. Every bit of sun we can get in Montana in the winter is magical. I took this picture:

I have a poster of Gustave Caillebotte's "Les Raboteurs de Parquet and this moment made me think of that painting. My camera didn't do the scene justice but it does show that we are working on that little Kalispell shop. When it is done you are going to love it!

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