Monday, February 22, 2016

February is the New Spring

It's February in Montana and once again the sun is shining and the snow is quickly melting. It might still feel cold outside but not as cold as we all know it can be. This must be a trick. It really isn't Spring. I hear the groundhog didn't see it's shadow but who pays attention to that anyway?
Here are some fun ice cream pics from around the shops this lovely month. It will start snowing again soon and we will still be serving ice cream regardless of the weather.
Love + Ice Cream
Ferdinand was the loveliest of bulls. 
New Flavors new decision problems

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cake Cones

Simplicity always seems to be the mantra around here. We have always had two kinds of cones: waffle cones and sugar cones (and those cute little gluten free numbers as well).  Then - we decided to mix it up a little bit. We brought in the classic cake cone. So simple and reminiscent of your childhood. The shape and taste bring back so many memories. One of our managers calls the bottom the garbage can for its shape and soggy nature at the end of your treat.  Now, when you need a cone that can stand alone for pictures, we have you covered. Try one or try both!